"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

IT Consulting Services

We provide you with guidance and advice throughout your digital transformation, with the necessary technical expertise and required distance for clear judgement – all in service of your critical business decisions.

Our staff is certified on the industry standards ITIL, COBIT and PMA.

Every situation is different. Our team has the necessary sensitivity and wide skillset to apply the right approach for your specific challenge. We accompany your business through every stage. Our expertise is yours.

Tailored Software Solutions

We strongly believe in the added value of tailored software solutions, and we acknowledge that TCO is key to making this approach financially successful.

Damudo has recognized Low-Code potential early on. A strong, longterm partnership with Outsystems provides access to resources and know-how and the exchange of ideas with the community.

Our project experience ensures an accurate and appropriate cost–benefit analysis by giving realistic estimates and focusing on strong cost control measures. We believe in Agile software development principles, supporting the capture of relevant business requirements iteratively and reacting swiftly on changes, all while maintaining full transparency with our customer.

Furthermore, sticking to industry standards is an essential paradigm to driving reusability and keeping costs at a minimum.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR has provided the legislative foundation for the protection of personal data in Austria and the EU since 25 May 2018, thereby establishing a legal framework for a number of procedures that had long been common practice. In the period before it came into effect, the Austrian media played on people's fears by circulating a host of half-truths and worst-case scenarios. Our trained, certified consultants are more than happy to advise you on this regulation. They can give you practical tips that are easy and quick to implement, and show you that the GDPR is really nothing to fear.

Our customised offering is tailored to your needs, and the icing on the cake comes in the form of an outsourced data protection officer. Depending on how you process particular types of data in your company, you might need to create this role in order to be compliant with the GDPR.

Off-The-Shelf Solutions

If a solution has proven itself valuable, why not reuse it for similar scenarios? These technologies are what we call "off-the-shelf."

We have a number of off-the-shelf solutions in our portfolio, focusing on applications such as data management, IT integration, office automation, OSS provisioning and unified communication.

For more information please visit our product page or contact us.

Web Solutions

Having an online presence is not as simple as it seems. Quick and dirty landing pages and applications merely scratch the surface and rarely meet – yet alone surpass – expectations.

We provide consultancy as well as solutions for your online experience. We make sure that costs/benefits are reasonable, optimize your ROI and focus on addressing the right target audience.