Mapos is a modern Point-of-sale system that is developed and marketed by Damudo. During the development we worked with customers closely to build a practice-oriented interface, optimize the work steps and ensure a high level of effectiveness. The invoicing is simplified enabling you to focus on your core business.

Mapos is available in both mobile and stationary editions. The current version offers different modes of operation and is tailored to the needs of gastronomy, service providers, retail and to farm gate sellers.

By using different modules Mapos adapts to your requirements. A simple, sales-independent license model allows cost-efficient planning.

Damudo supports you during the introduction and offers a tailor made, all-inclusive package that'll suit your needs. If you have a cash registers obligation, Mapos is the perfect solution.


Postos is a task management system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. A lot of effort was invested to ensure its ease of use and flexibility as those are the key factors for user acceptance.

Postos provides process and task flow visualization and shows the most current data enabling fast and effective business decisions. The role based permission and project model can be adjusted to match business requirements on the fly.

Postos can be easily integrated due to the usage of open interfaces offering support for flexible data exchange.


xCard is a modern, one-stop customer retention program. It is heavily configurable and supports various industries and retention models.

  • straightforward customer management
  • support for free and payed subscriptions
  • highly scalable, grows with your business
  • fully automated reporting and statistic generation

Achieve greater loyalty among your customers while meeting their needs.


Naomi is a flexible, high performance notification engine. It supports various notification channels ranging from text messages to email and RSS. Naomi utilizes multiple providers using intelligent routing and adjusts depending on the priority and individual preferences.

Its ease of use and flexibility helps users to perform their work with minimum effort and automate routine tasks. Naomi offers:

  • Responsive and efficient communication processes and workflows aligned to business
  • Complete traceability, established control and audit process to assure quality, accuracy and compliance
  • Ability to respond to increasing demands of the business

Naomi is well integrated supporting authentication using Active Directory, LDAP as well as the industry leading SQL databases.

Web Products

We provide email accounts, web space as well as DNS services in individual packages matching your needs.

Our partners are well known hosting companies providing an outstanding service ensuring 24/7 availability.