"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

IT Consulting Services

We provide you with guidance and governance on IT changes with the necessary technical expertise as well as the required distance for judgement on supporting our customers in critical decisions.

Our staff is certified on industry standards: ITIL, COBIT and PMA.

Every situation is different, it requires the necessary sensitivity to apply the right receipt for your specific challenge. We accompany your team through all aspects: our expertise is yours.

Tailored Software Solutions

We strongly believe in the added value of tailored software solution and we do acknowledge that TCO is key to make this approach financially successful.

Our project experience ensures proper cost/value case by giving realistic estimates and focusing on strong cost control measures. We believe in agile software development principles supporting the capturing of relevant business requirements iteratively and reacting swiftly on changes - all this with full transparency to our customer.

Furthermore sticking to industrial standards is an essential paradigm to drive reusability and keep costs for the application at minimum.

Off-The-Shelf Solutions

If a solution proofs to fit, why not reuse it for similar scenarios? This is what we call "off the shelf".

We have a number of solutions in our portfolio, focusing on different applications such like data management, IT integration, office automation, OSS provisioning and unified communication.

For more information please visit our product page or contact us.

Web Solutions

Going online is not as simple as it seems. Quick and dirty hardly ever reaches expectations.

We provide consultancy as well as solutions on your online experience. We make sure that costs/benefits are reasonable, optimize your ROI and focusing on addressing the expected target audience.